Sustainability is integrated into the design and construction of every Cleo Prickett garment. We believe high quality craft and design are integral to a sustainable future. By using top quality fabrics and design techniques, we aim to give the customer a luxury product for an affordable price. Cleo’s collections offer both originality and versatility, and each one features key pieces for your wardrobe that will stand the test of time, in terms of both design and durability, so the garment can be worn for years to come.

Each garment is made using unique fabrics from artisan mills in Ireland and the UK. These mills are committed to using mindful, eco-friendly processes, including the use of all-natural fibres in  their textiles.

Cleo’s collections are made up of 95% all-natural fibres, using Irish linen as well as various  wools and silks. We currently use an acetate lining, because we have yet to find a natural lining that is as durable and doesn’t stain easily while also performing well. We believe that sustainability is also about creating high quality garments that stand the test of time, so they can stay in women’s wardrobes for longer.

As a brand, we understand that our sustainable stance will keep growing and improving over time. “I see sustainable living as a subject that is complicated and needs development globally,” says Cleo. “I plan to stay informed and stay flexible, to continue to improve the brand’s sustainability. I feel a responsibility as a designer to make sure we continue to grow in a mindful way, while also creating beautiful clothes that will stand the test of time. We might not be perfect just yet, but we’re working on it.”