The Cleo Prickett brand is founded on respect; Respect for the art of making clothes, respect for sustainable production practices, respect for the many people and hands it takes to produce a beautiful well-made garment.

The process begins with development and pattern cutting of each piece by the designer in her studio, at her family home Durhamstown Castle. Developing designs on both her mother and the designers own body, each piece is meticulously toiled, trialled and fit on cross generational models.

Each garment is made using unique fabrics from artisan mills in Ireland, the UK and wider Europe. Magee’s of Donegal and heritage Savile Row suppliers are key fabrics in each collection. These mills are committed to using mindful, eco-friendly processes. Cleo’s collections are made up of all-natural fibres, using a variety of 100% wool, organic denim, Irish linen and silks. Sourcing each fabric with great care, Cleo Prickett textile choices combine modernity and tradition.

The designer oversees each item of clothing, working with her skilled machinists to achieve a beautiful
product. Since launching in 2018 the brand has formed an important, highly skilled network of people who bring joy and connection to each stage of the design process, greatly contributing to the Cleo Prickett narrative ‘Made With Respect’.