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Size is but a number and we love and value all female shapes. At Cleo Prickett, we take sizing very seriously. Throughout the industry, there are size guides that are failing women and their unique body shapes. This is due to the complexities of getting sizing right in the industry, it comes down to the inherent nature of the business and variables that make standardised sizing very difficult, coupled with a lack of effort from an industry also built on designing clothes for skinny people.

Cleo Prickett is working on creating a friendly inclusive size chart coupled with generous and consistent sizing. So for now if you have any queries regarding the fit on any Cleo Prickett pieces we ask you to contact us on our messaging box or at We are happy to help you choose the fit just right for you. For free sizing such as S, M, L and UK sizing please use the above guide and compare with the average size you take on the high street, any queries about measurements we're here to help.